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Tips for Blogging

After this semester of blogging for my Principles of Public Relations class, I have decided that I really enjoy it. I was skeptical at first when we were assigned this. I thought that I would be the worst writer, and no one would look at my blog, but now every time I publish a story, I feel e0e8d4788feeedbc1f6c051052755067bmpowered. What do I mean by that?

Well, I am not one to share my thoughts on hot topics. I don’t like conflict, and I really don’t like being told I am wrong. So when I started blogging, and we were given the topics for the semester, I realized that I had a place to put all my opinions. At first, it was scary. I wasn’t sure how people would respond to my posts, but I have gotten some good feedback.

Advice that I would give to future bloggers would just don’t be afraid to write. If you just start writing and then read it back and realize it is crap then delete it. My favorite blog post is the Trump is the Public Relations King because it is the one post that I just started writing then I read it back and realized it was good. It has my un-sugar coated thoughts in it.

If you just let your mind wonder well you write, you will be surprised what comes out of it.

Another tip I would give to a first-time blogger is have fun with it! This was my favorite assignment to do each week. You are given complete creative freedom to make your blog look whatever way you want it to. I decided to go with this watercolor kind of theme, and I love it. It makes me want to write and share my blog with people.

Thanks for checking out my blog! It has been a fantastic semester writing and sharing my opinions with Y’all.



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