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Trump is the King of Public Relations

That is right, you didn’t read that wrong. I said Trump is the King of Public Relations. I am donald-trump-grow-upnot a fan of Donald Trump, and I hate myself for than anything for saying that but it is true. He managed to become President not based on his experience but his skill of talking to people.

The Washington Post stated that Trump’s grammar in his speeches is just below a 6th-grade level. This was something that set him apart from the other candidates because he was able to speak and have a broad majority of the population understand what he was saying.

From Donald Trump tweeting about current events to him getting in tweeter battles with Hilary Clinton or the former president of Mexico, he got everyone’s attention. Every day he was in the news about another dumb tweet which kept his name in our minds, and it was free publicity for him.

Oh, and how could I forget his “fake news” tweets. Here are just a few examples:

Trump hired Sean Spicer as his press secretary. That man is a walking train wreck. He is always fighting with the media and saying some dumb things that discredit him.

I looked up Donald Trump PR, and the first thing that came up was an article that said Did Trump Run the Best PR Campaign in 2016? When I read it, this quote stuck out to me:

“Whether or not you supported Donald Trump for president, there is no doubt that his use of public relations and earned media played a vital role in his victory,” said Brian Peterson marketing and communications exec at Esri. 

This man really knows how to get free publicity. I have to give him props for that. I will never call him President, but I will say that he is a legend in the Public Relations world.


2 thoughts on “Trump is the King of Public Relations

  1. Even though I do not agree with anything Trump says or does either, I have to admit that he did a really good job with his presence on social media. He got the people to talk about him which was the key to winning the presidency for him. However, as the President of the United States he should start thinking about what kind of stuff he posts or tweets since he is representing the country now.


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