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Twitter Scavenger Hunt: All About SAU

  • Scenic spot. Photo of your favorite scenic spot on campus.


  • Extracurricular extravaganza. Photo and/or quote that exemplifies the variety of clubs, organizations, and activities available to students at our university.


  • Freestyle. Your very own final unique tidbit of information/photo about our campus. Be creative.

  • Academic excellence. Photo and/or quote that reveals how your school contributes to cutting-edge research and/or learning (ask opinions, see if you can find a meaningful photo).

  • Little-known fact. Photo and/or quote of something you think many people might not know about your school or campus.

  • Student on the street. Photo/video and/or quote from a student. Ask them where they get their news and if they use social media to keep up on the news. Be sure to include their name (if they give permission), year in school, and major (and twitter name, if they have one).

  • Fanatic fans.Β  Photo and/or quote from somebody about their thoughts on the upcoming season for a specific sport (which specific sport is up to you).

  • School spirit! Photo and/or quote from someone (not you) revealing school spirit.

  • Photo and/or quote (not from you) from your favorite eating spot or hangout spot on campus.


  • Professor on the street. Post a photo/video and/or quote from a professor on campus. Ask them what role they think social media play in our society today. Be sure you include the professor’s title and department (and twitter name, if they have one).

2 thoughts on “Twitter Scavenger Hunt: All About SAU

  1. Natalie, great post! I enjoyed seeing the creativity behind every tweet in your blog and I couldn’t help but laugh at the picture posted under your favorite place to eat and hangout! I really like the fact that you’re very involved in school and seem to be enjoying your time here at St. Ambrose. Are there any extra curricular activities you’re involved with at the university? Keep up the great work!


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