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One Stop Shop for PR

Today’s assignment is to evaluate one of the 60 best Public Relation blogs. I choice to talk about a blog called Everything PR. On the Inky Bee site, they ranked Everything PR as the 29th best Public Relations Blog.

Everything PR has content about everything public relations. They talk about other web pages and what they say about PR. They also talk about different PR crisis, how technology uses PR, and how corporate PR works.

Everything PR has a tab called PR Careers. In this tab, they give a rundown of what it takes to be in the Public Relations field. After that post, they have a couple of their other blog post that talks about different PR jobs and different they have handled their Public Relations.

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-11-23-59-amOne of the tabs that I really like is called Who are the Top PR Firms? They have this interactive map of the world, and when you click on a particular flag, it will tell you who the top PR firms are in that country. For the United States, they say that Sitrick And Company are the top Public Relations firm. London’s top PR Firm is City Press UK. I really like how they made the map interactive and informative. It was very easy to navigate and read the content.

My favorite thing about this website is the PR Insights and Marketing Insights. These blog posts make this site different than others in my mind. I love getting a perspective of a Public Relations and Marketing professional on events happening in the world.  They talk about celebrates, such as Kim Kardashian, and her PR stunts as well as companies, such as Pepsi.

This Public Relations blog was the best out of all 60 in my mind. I think that it is your one stop shop to Everything PR.



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