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Adventurous Reads for Adventurous Women

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-4-37-54-pmAfter searching the blogosphere for days, I finally found a blog that is stylish, colorful, youthful, and directed towards young women.

The Lala is a blog that was created by two women, Kathy and Molly, who were sophomores at Purdue University. They noticed “a major disconnect between negative college media and the bright, passionate women who were consuming it” And that is how Lala was born!

This blog has a wide variety of topics starting from fashion, to food, then to politics.  The Lala is a fantastic blog directed towards young women looking for a fresh take on today’s harsh topics.

I really enjoy how the blog has a clean and youthful look to it. When I was searching the blogosphere, it was strange how many blogs have a such a cluttered look to them.

Another thing I really enjoy about this blog is the photos. I am a photographer myself and to be honest, I only read articles if they have an interesting picture to draw me in. At The Lala, they have a whole team of contributing photographers which is something you don’t see very often. Photography critical in any social media post because we move at such a fast pace nowadays, you need something that is gonna draw the reader into the post. I give them an A+ for the photography!

One thing that I wish they had was more opinion articles about college. I really like to read about other people’s college experience and what advice they have, and I didn’t see as much of that as I wanted too.

I would contribute everything that they have on their blog into mine! It is #bloggoals! (Yes, I just used a hashtag to get my point across.) I find that their content is perfect for their targeted audience!

Everyone should go check out The Lala!!



3 thoughts on “Adventurous Reads for Adventurous Women

  1. I loved your article! After reading it I immediately went and checked out the Lala (mostly because the gif was so intriguing!) You are so right when you say it is very organized with lots to look at! I feel like I would never run out of things to do on that page!

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